The Boatmen of the Mincio

di L. Damiani

Fascinating river itineraries in the heart of the Reserve, zone of the most interesting Park to be explored in boat, because wilder and still entire in his/her citizenship. To sail among reeds, ninfee and the myriad of channels that cross the wide expanse of water; to admire the rarest kinds of birds and to observe the sun that tramonta on the river, perceiving, in lontanza, the profile in Mantua, among the fiors of lotus. Natural and unusual landscapes for the one that, to the tourism of mass, he/she prefers a more discreet and authentic of it, among the uncontaminated nature, a nature that puts in scene ambientazioni and different foreshortenings in every season, among charm and atmospheres of great suggestion, that only who was born in these places you/he/she can make to know. 
Operational every day of the week, from March in November, from the docks of Thanks of Curtatone (behind the Sanctuary) and, on booking from Rivalta on the Mincio and Mantua. The Boatmen of the Mincio lend services to individual, small groups, schools and associations and, on application, excursions are effected in the winter season. 
They transport thin to 80 people on three different boats, among which a propulsion echo-compatible boat and turned to the transport of bicycles. 
 Besides it is possible to have lunch to the sack in boat or on the shores of the lake, and in the summer months to effect fascinating excursions during the plenilunio.  
The three landings of Rivalta, Graces and Mantua constitute a further motive for interest.        
 To Rivalta the Center Park can be visited with the museum of the works of the river.  
To Thanks it is a visitor to the Sanctuary of the Madonna mandatory, erect in 1399 from Francis The Gonzaga: the splendid his/her wooden impalcata, decorated with 53 statues recently restored, it is a true monument to the popular devotion. You can choose to have lunch in the typical restaurants and to sojourn in the inns of the zone, to visit the city chief town, Mantua, 
what in his/her important historical center, introduces plazas from the past charm, splendid buildings as the gonzaghesco Ducal Building, Building d'Arco, plaza of the Grasses with the porticos Broletto, the Basilica of S. Andrea and the Building You. 

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